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Got tired of trying to keep bookmarks organized so I started a resource page. This page contains links to some websites and guides that I find very useful. Topics includes will grow, but at this point there are resources for HTML/CSS/Javascript, CAD/3D Modeling and 3D printing, Electronics/Arduino and teaching resources.

Coming soon…. I hope! When I’m not coding, I am usually outside working in the garden and landscaping. After starting code{with}ken, I came up with the idea of also starting garden with ken. I am by no means a gardening expert and half my reason for wanting to start this site it to have a ..
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About this same time last year, I was teaching from home and researching ways to produce better videos. At the same time, I began exploring the idea of publishing my videos for the world to see, instead of just posting them for my MVHS students. I registered and started building the site. Then, for ..
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